Export agent from Europe to Russia

Trade with countries such as Russia is becoming increasingly interesting for German, France and another international companies. However, as the countries outside the EU are in the Eurasian Economic Union, customs clearance is due for each import and export operation. We can offer you a comprehensive service for this purpose: our multilingual experts are on-site for you to handle the procedures at customs quickly, safely and professionally. We offer a unique solution in the field of logistic services for European companies. We also export from Russia to Europe.

Your benefits with UMEX:

  • UMEX will finance your business before the goods cross the Russian border and reach the buyer
  • We will provide you with complete security of the transaction of sale of goods in Europe without additional risks
  • We redeem your goods, so you do not need to monitor cargo control
  • You don’t have to interact with customs and tax authorities
  • We remove from you all the difficulties of selling goods from Europe to Russia
  • We save your time


We also offer logistic solutions and the following services:

  • Customs documents arrangements
  • Logistics chains coordination
  • Warehouses and logistics concept development
  • Goods Delivery to the end customer
  • Administrative tasks processing
  • DDP service
  • Goods Distribution

As a reliable partner for logistics solutions, we create an individual offer for customs clearance in Russia. We would be happy to discuss further details in a personal discussion and we have compiled the most important information about customs clearance and DDP delivery for you. Our range of services for transport and customs clearance is comprehensively listed so that we can offer you complete solutions according to your individual needs. We can work with you on a one-time or a partnership basis. If you are a European company, we can become your successful reseller with Russia.

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